Tradeshow Booth Tips

My 22 year-old son, Bill Sharp, recently graduated from Illinois State University and launched his marketing career as a corporate marketing coordinator. He has worked tradeshows in Chicago and Las Vegas over the past 5 months.

How timely, then, to read the following tips for organizations who have tradeshow booths by marketing expert Sarah Landrum:

  1. Keep it interactive, using games and demonstrations to engage.
  2. Staff need to draw attendees into conversation.
  3. The booth itself should be simple. Focus displays on quality, not quantity.

About Glenda Sharp

I am a Certified Association Executive with more than 25 years of association management experience. I am principal of Sharper Associations, a full service association management and consulting firm. My clients include the Chicago Association of Direct Marketing, National Speakers Association-IL Chapter, SIETAR USA, West Suburban Bar Association, Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois, PR consultant Deborah Weixl, and author Harry Sharp.

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