Placement of Screens/Signs: What’s Your Goal?

TVideo projectorhe May issue of Forum reported on a white paper recently published by PSAV and Brain-Strength Systems about adult learning during meetings. When speakers present information orally, attendees remember about 10% of the presentation three days later. When the presentation includes visuals, attendees remember 65% of the presentation.

“A/V plays a very important part in what an audience experiences and how they learn and retain the meeting’s message,” reports Meg Fasy, PSAV’s vice president of industry relations. “While attendees look forward to the entertainment value that A/V brings to an event, neuroscience is actually proving that these event technologies are enhancing learning and improving the entire meeting experience.”

Simple ProjectorPSAV also found the following on placement of screens or posters:

  • Above eye level stimulates the visual mode of recall, optimal for maximum retention of your main message.
  • At eye level stimulates learners to talk about the content and engage in a discussion.
  • Below eye level evokes an emotional response to the content.

From “Audio/Visual Engagement,” Forum, May 2013, pp. 4-6.

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