My Email Attachment Is Too Large and I’m Under Deadline! What Do I Do?

Do you experience problems in sharing articles, newsletters or photographs electronically due to file size?  Dropbox is a free solution, although there are space limitations. The idea of this tool IS to share information with others. Once you set up your files, you invite colleagues to visit. As you expand your list, Dropbox expands your file space. It is particularly effective for sharing photographs, large publication files (i.e., directories), data bases, etc. And you receive a popup message as files are added or revised.

About Glenda Sharp

I am a Certified Association Executive with more than 25 years of association management experience. I am principal of Sharper Associations, a full service association management and consulting firm. My clients include the Chicago Association of Direct Marketing, National Speakers Association-IL Chapter, SIETAR USA, West Suburban Bar Association, Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois, PR consultant Deborah Weixl, and author Harry Sharp.

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