Getting More Out of Facebook

cadm logoAt last week’s Second Monday Luncheon sponsored by the Chicago Association of Direct Marketing [CADM]. Geoff McHale, VP of Marketing Solutions for comScore, spoke about Social Marketing Beyond the Like: How Brands Can Quantify the Value and Impact of Their Social Marketing Programs.  Did you know that:

  • 1 in 6 minutes online in spent in social networking sites?

    Geoff McHale

  • Less than 1% of those who “like” a Facebook page return to that page?

Geoff suggested that we reach out to fans via news feeds.  Although a brand likely reaches only 16% of fans via news feed, each Facebook user can amplify messages to about 80 friends.

After the presentation, I was inspired to create a Sharper Associations Facebook page (, and have sent out my first news feed.  I intend to use this not only for promoting my business, but for informing fans about my clients’ coming events of general interest.

Consider using news feeds to keep your organization in the forefront.  Good luck!

About Glenda Sharp

I am a Certified Association Executive with more than 25 years of association management experience. I am principal of Sharper Associations, a full service association management and consulting firm. My clients include the Chicago Association of Direct Marketing, National Speakers Association-IL Chapter, SIETAR USA, West Suburban Bar Association, Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois, PR consultant Deborah Weixl, and author Harry Sharp.

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